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New Patients

Your First Appointment

New Patients

We look forward to welcoming new patients to our practice and want your first appointment to be an enjoyable, relaxing experience.


Registering with the practice is a simple procedure with only minimal paperwork on your part.

When you register with us we will ask you to complete a brief medical history form; this allows us to ensure you receive the correct treatment. Please ensure you answer the questions honestly as incorrect information could be detrimental to your treatment.

We ask for payment in advance to secure your first appointment. Your new patient fee covers your registration with the practice, your full dental examination and includes any initial x-rays. Payment can be taken over the phone.We encourage you to join Denplan because it spreads the cost of your dental treatment into affordable monthly payments. You can join at your registration visit even if you have immediate treatment needs. Although not fully covered on Denplan the treatment would qualify for a discount on our private fees.

Your First Appointment

Your first appointment will take around 20 minutes. It is a time for you to get to know your dentist and for your dentist to get to know you. Let your dentist know if you have any concerns about your oral health or if you would like any cosmetic treatment.

At this first appointment your "charting" will be recorded; this is our way of noting down what work has been carried out in your mouth and also if any work needs doing. You will hear lots of dental terms being called out while your dentist looks in your mouth; if you have any questions ask, as Dr Morgan enjoys talking about his work.

You may also need to have some bite-wings taken; these are x-rays of your back molar teeth. We use these x-rays to check the spaces between your teeth for cavities, your bone level and your root health. Using the information we have collected, and with your needs and wants in mind, we then formulate a treatment plan and discuss this with you.