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Prevention is better than cure ...

At Symbiosis Dental prevention is our number one priority. This modern way of maintaining a healthy mouth helps you to keep your own teeth and means less dental treatment. The main causes of tooth loss are tooth decay and gum disease but with the right Preventative techniques we can help you keep your own teeth for life.

Although Preventative dentistry works best with children and young people with all of their own teeth, people who have only a few teeth or no teeth at all can also benefit. Preventative dentistry involves checking for conditions such as mouth cancer and denture stomatitis at regular dental examination visits as well as checking teeth and gum health.

Patient, Dentist and Hygienist become a team ...

The main aim of Preventative dentistry is to make your mouth as healthy as possible because a healthy mouth is less likely to develop tooth decay or gum disease.

At your examination visit Mr Morgan will check your teeth and gums and will discuss any treatment you may need with you. Any treatment they recommend will be with Preventative techniques in mind and will usually be to strengthen or protect a tooth (e.g. a crown to strengthen a badly broken tooth). He may then refer you to our dental therapist and hygienist Miss Bethan Harries who will thoroughly "scale and polish" your teeth. This involves removing hardened plaque that has formed on your teeth. Plaque is always present on the surface of teeth; when we eat and drink this plaque turns sugar found in food and drinks into acid, which can cause tooth decay. Plaque can also solidify and cause gum inflammation (swelling and tenderness) if it is not regularly and thoroughly removed. Once solidified plaque can only be removed by a dentist or hygienist. Bethan will also show you the correct tooth brushing technique and advise you on which interdental products you should be using (e.g. floss etc.).

Armed with this knowledge, you can begin your part in ensuring you keep your own smile.

It’s never too late to start ...

You can start to improve your oral health before your next examination with your dentist by making some simple changes

  • Cut down on sugary food and drinks - it’s not the amount of sugary foods/drinks you consume that lead to tooth decay but the frequency. Cutting down on the number of times you eat them during the day will help prevent decay.
  • Acid erosion is also due to acid attacks. Keeping acidic drinks for mealtimes and drinking through a straw will help to reduce acid exposure to your teeth.
  • Waiting for at least an hour after eating or drinking before brushing your teeth will help prevent tooth erosion – after eating/drinking the enamel on your teeth becomes softer and loses some of its minerals for a short amount of time, waiting for an hour will allow your saliva to restore your enamel to its natural Ph balance.
  • Give up smoking - smoking causes staining and tooth loss, can make gum disease worse and can cause mouth cancer.
  • Drink less alcohol - some alcoholic drinks contain a lot of sugar and can therefore lead to toothdecay; they can also lead to mouth cancer. If you smoke and drink you are at a higher risk of developing cancer.
  • Clean your teeth twice daily using fluoride toothpaste and an electric toothbrush.
  • Clean between your teeth at least once a day using interdental brushes or floss.
  • Use a fluoride mouthwash after brushing to help freshen your breath, strengthen tooth enamel and fight plaque.
  • Chew sugar-free gum as this stimulates your mouth to make saliva which helps to prevent tooth decay and erosion.
  • Visit your dentist regularly.